Welcome to Manufacturing Day 2020, Wayne County’s First Virtual Manufacturing Day

Gregory Pitoniak

As CEO of SEMCA Michigan Works! which serves all of Monroe and Wayne counties, except Detroit, which has its own Michigan Works! Agency. Our mission is to ensure that we have an effective employment and training system for all citizens in the communities we serve.

One of the defining moments in human history is the onset of an industrial revolution. Michigan was a leader in the Science and Mass Production Revolution that started over 100 years ago. And today we are leaders in the Digital Revolution by digitizing modern manufacturing. Seeing and learning how that is happening is what makes the annual Manufacturing Day initiative both critical and exciting.

Now in its sixth year, the Wayne County Manufacturing Day is a tremendous opportunity for young people in our region to learn about a career that may spark your interest. It’s also a time to learn about the training providers that can help you get there.

Equally important, it’s a chance for manufacturers of all sizes in Wayne County to connect to its future workforce –that’s you, the students. You can see for yourself what a career in manufacturing looks and feels like. These careers are not the ones that your parents or grandparents had.

For the most part, they take place in clean, environmentally friendly, and yet highly technical atmospheres and they require a skill set that is both rewarding and in-demand.

As you participate in today’s sessions, I’m confident you’ll learn not only what your options are, but what steps you can take to set you on the pathway to a fulfilling, stable career.

You’ll hear from manufacturers large and small – some that have been around for decades and some that were founded just a few short years ago.

Additionally, we have sessions that will take the “mystery” out of how you can move forward as the colleges you probably knew little about show you how they can help you become successful.

There are literally too many people to thank for helping us make this first-ever virtual Manufacturing Day event possible but with that said, I do want to thank our co-host Wayne County CEO Warren Evans and the County Commission, our neighboring Michigan Works! Agency, Detroit Employment Solutions Corporation, Wayne County RESA (Regional Education Services Agency), Detroit Public Schools, and our Planning Committee for their support and innovation. The leader who has worked tirelessly to make this year’s Manufacturing Day happen is Deborah Taylor, SEMCA Workforce Programs Manager.

These folks helped turn what was yet another pandemic challenge into a new opportunity to connect an even larger number of youth to our dynamic Wayne County Manufacturers and career training colleges.

Teachers. We appreciate that you are helping us inform our future generations about career opportunities and how to be trained and successful in their chosen career or educational pursuit.

Students. Thanks for being among our 3,000+ participants — learn, grow, and evolve — we are here to help. You are our future and we believe in you! 

May all of you have a wonderful experience today — Stay healthy. 

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