Karen Anderson

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Karen Anderson has never made as much money as she is making right now.

Karen Anderson has never made as much money as she is making right now at the age of 56 as a Truck Driver for Federated Logistics. Karen stated that “being able to go through Truck Driving Training changed my life.” She has been in recovery for eight years and is still putting her life back together after a 25-year drug and alcohol addiction.

When she first attended the WIA Orientation at the SEMCA Southgate Michigan Works Service Center, she was not collecting Unemployment benefits, and was not eligible for WIA because of her family income. It took three months, but she called back when she started collecting her benefits and was registered into the WIA program as a Dislocated Worker.

It took her another 10 weeks in the open lab at Michigan Works to preparing for the WorkKeys assessment which would give her a National Career Readiness Certificate credential. With the help and encouragement of the staff, Karen took the test and earned a Silver certificate. If you asked Karen, the WorkKeys assessment was harder than the actual Truck Driving training.

Trainco Truck Driving Training School employee Sharon Weinstein worked one-on-one with Karen because of her background, which included a felony. Sharon convinced Karen that she would be hirable and succeed as a truck driver.

Karen completed her training in October of 2014 and by December 1, 2014 was training with Federated Logistics and is now driving a dedicated lane, delivering Ford Mustang Parts.

Karen met her husband while in recovery and has been married for three years. Her husband, Darwin, is a career truck driver, and got Karen the opportunity to work at Federated Logistics. Karen trained with her husband for a full month in a truck and she said that, even after that much togetherness, they are still happily married.

After working sporadically in warehousing for several years, Karen is now thinking about the future with her new career. She has her first opportunity to get into a 401K plan to start planning for retirement, although she is enjoying her new career and not planning on retirement any time soon!