Kelly Arnold

  • Employment Services

Kelly Arnold originally came into the SEMCA Southgate Michigan Works Center in February of 2014 to sign up for a training orientation for the Workforce Investment Act (WIA) Program. At that time, he was contemplating taking his career in another direction. He was directed by Michigan Works staff to update his account, and in the process was given some tips on how to attract employers by using the proper key word in his resumes. This seemingly simple advice paid off, and in a big way!

Warner Petroleum found Kelly’s resume on the Michigan Talent Connect just a day after making a few adjustments to his account and his resume, based on the advice he received.

As a result, Kelly has been enjoying the benefits of a full time career (and plenty of overtime!) with Warner Petroleum as a Petroleum Operator since April, 2014.

Kelly recently came back to the Michigan Works Southgate office, apologizing for not having the time to come in much sooner. He wanted to thank the staff, because, in his words, “if it were not for that fateful day in February 2014, I would not be where I am today…”

Kelly is proud to say, “I actually have a better paying job now than I did with my previous employer…..and I love what I do. It’s an important job- I fuel 400 ships per year that can take 1000 gallons per minute! That’s 50-60,000 gallons of diesel on a daily basis. I also operate a high pressure boiler on Zug Island. Safety is key in my job.”

In just a few months Kelly will be celebrating his two year anniversary with Warner Petroleum.

Kelly’s advice to others in transition is, “I experienced the crash in 2008 when it seemed like everyone was losing their job. It took a long time to crawl out of that slump but life goes on whether you do or not. You can get angry and hope things will get better or you can make things happen for yourself. MiWorks made it a lot easier for me to be successful.”