Tamesha Jones

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Tamesha Jones, a PATH customer at the MichiganWorks! Wayne Service Center, and her Career Development Facilitator (CDF), Mr. Hamood, started a journey towards success in March of 2017. Ms. Jones was attending school and needed help overcoming some barriers. She had to find child care for her 2-year-old, which was a job in itself! After eventually finding the perfect solution, she faced another barrier–she had reached the 12-month limit under PATH for schooling. Her CDF advised her to pursue a community service/work experience opportunity and Ms. Jones did just that. She found an opportunity with Heritage Optical Center – which she could juggle with her school hours.

When the time came for her to complete her licensing and final exams for her degree, Ms. Jones was feeling hesitant. The PATH staff rallied around Ms. Jones to help build her confidence. She received one-on-one assistance from her CDF, gained valuable knowledge by attending several employability skills and specialty workshops, including life organizational skills, study techniques, and the power of positive thinking. Ms. Jones eventually took the next step and passed her exams with flying colors, allowing her to move towards her goal of obtaining an excellent job.

When Ms. Jones was asked about her experience with MichiganWorks!, she stated, “The staff at the Wayne MichiganWorks! center was great. They let me continue my desired education program in Respiratory Therapy at Henry Ford College. I finished my program on May 6, 2017. They were so eager to help with the fees for my state board testing. They also made it really easy to help me look for a job after I graduated. Once I completed my licensing process I went on to find a full-time position at Beaumont Hospital in Dearborn, as a Registered Respiratory Therapist (she currently makes $20.89 per hour). They even helped purchase scrubs for my new position! I have to say, without the staff at MichiganWorks! it would have been a lot harder to accomplish my goals. I’m glad to say that even with the odds against me that I still prevailed. So, thanks to Ms. Tayeb, Ms. Holliday, Mr. Hamood and Mrs. June Wilson!”