Denise Krupp

  • Employment Services

Denise Krupp didn’t wait for her unemployment benefits to run out before she began her job search. She jumped right in.

Denise Krupp first came to the SEMCA Southgate Michigan Works Service Center just to meet the requirements to register for work. This happened on February 20, 2015.

Denise’s transition into reemployment was just a quick three weeks. With more than eight years as a Pharmacy Technician with her previous employer, it was no surprise that she was contacted so quickly by employers seeking someone with her skill set and experience.

Because she jumped right into her job search and did not hesitate, she actually had a choice of employment- it was just a matter of deciding which offer to accept.

But even someone in Denise’s situation can benefit from the assistance provided by Michigan Works.

Denise says she is very grateful for the guidance offered at the Southgate Center. “The Career Specialists made such a difference in my transition. In fact- the woman that assisted me was also named Denise! She gave me tips on how to make a more impactful resume which was great because I didn’t even know where to begin. I can’t believe how quickly the calls started coming in with offers to meet for interviews. I would recommend Michigan Works Southgate Service Center to anyone that is looking for a better career.”