Celeste Aguis

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Plastic Omnium, headquartered in France, has been in business for more than 68 years. Presently, the company has 22,000 employees and 28 production plants worldwide. Among other products, the company produces plastic external components as well as fuel systems for automobiles. The company’s facility located in New Boston, Michigan, currently manufacturers fuel systems for both domestic and foreign automakers.

In mid- 2015, the New Boston site, was in search to find a more stable workforce. They reached out to their union affiliate in an effort to find resources to fulfill that need. One of the union representatives connected Plastic Omnium with the Michigan Works! Livonia Service Center. The BSR Team from both the Livonia and Southgate centers met with the company’s HR Managers to construct a plan of action to support the employer’s request. Within a short period of time, candidates were identified and directed to interview with the employer. As an additional benefit, the On-The-Job Training Grant was offered in conjunction with each person being hired by the company. The BSR Team also offered to assist with promoting a Recruitment Fair on the employer’s behalf. Information about the event was forwarded to Michigan Works! Association offices within the SEMCA region in addition to being advertised on Facebook and other social media sites. In short, it was a great turnout of candidates, and many people were offered employment.

The HR Staff at Plastic Omnium acknowledges how gratifying it has been to partner with Michigan Works! and how the business relationship has been a benefit to the organization. Celeste Aguis, HR Representative with Plastic Omnium states, “Michigan Works! has been extremely helpful in so many ways. The Business Service Representatives were patient and eager to walk us through many unknowns relating to paperwork processing as the project moved forward. We have had a lot of success with Michigan Works! and will work with them on future projects.”

Hari Khullar, employed by Plastic Omnium through Michigan Works! states, “Michigan Works! has helped me to obtain employment at Plastic Omnium. Without their help, I would be required to work in Kalamazoo to sustain my current standard of living at my home in Northville. I am now making an income that allows me to care for my family while working close to home. Thank you Michigan Works! for all your help.”