Annette Avery

  • Employer Success Stories

One Detroit Credit Union needed help finding a qualified branch manager. Ms. Corliss Beamer was laid off from her job in February 2013 and was looking for work. She registered on Pure Michigan Talent Connect as part of her requirement for Unemployment Insurance benefits. Cheryl Sanford, Manager of the Michigan Works Highland Park Service Center, was helping Annette Avery, VP, HR & Branching, from One Detroit fill their job opening and noticed Corliss’ resume on Pure Michigan Talent Connect. Cheryl discovered from Corliss’ on-line resume that she had over 20 years of experience in the banking industry. “Of all the resumes I screened, she seemed to be the best fit for the position,” said Cheryl. Corliss’ resume was forwarded to One Detroit and they hired her in October of 2013.

Corliss was so grateful for her new position and the help she received from Michigan Works that she decided to use her talents to give back to the community. She approached Avery with her idea to teach financial literacy to others who were looking for assistance in the community. They both agreed that Michigan Works would be a great partner in this project and contacted Sanford at the Highland Park Service Center. Together, these ladies created a course in finacial literacy that has helped dozens of Michigan Works customers to be more finacially savvy. “Far to many of our customers cash their checks at local party stores and payday loan places. We want to help them understand financial institutions and how to manage their money responsibly” said Sanford.

“I have been the Branch Manager with One Detroit Credit Union for just over 2 years, and in the banking industry for over 27 years. It has been an eye-opening experience seeing how Credit Unions differ from commercial banks. Credit Unions really are people helping people! At 1DCU, we continue to focus on non- traditional ways to spread that good news. By partnering with those, such as Highland Park’s Michigan Works, has allowed us a platform to reach a portion of the population looked over by “main stream” banks. By not just offering products and services that provide alternatives to pay-day lenders; but also providing financial literacy to people who shy-away from financial institutions. Financial literacy is the ability to understand how money works in the world: how we earn or make it, how we manage it, and how he/she invests it (turn it into more) and how that person donates it to help others. That said, sharing knowledge about how to become better stewards of our finances empowers us to become active members of our society and knowing I’ve possibly impacted lives for generations to come… is priceless! It has been my honor to volunteer and serve in our community and provide financial literacy to those who are in need. I appreciate the commitment One Detroit Credit Union has upheld for the past 80 years, and for allowing me the opportunity to promote financial awareness within our community” stated Beamer.

Helping local businesses to find the talent they need has truly developed into a relationship that reaches out to the entire Highland Park community. Improving lives is what SEMCA is all about. We would like to thank Corliss Beamer and One Detroit Credit Union for partnering with us on this unique and wonderful project.