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Navy Veteran Don Lewandowski’s life changed in 2013 as a truck driver when he had a serious rollover accident on the highway. Don injured his shoulder and spent time in rehabilitation.

Don applied to Dolphin Manufacturing as a CNC Operator. He had no experience in manufacturing and had just been medically released to pursue employment.

Patrick Mannick, CEO at Dolphin Manufacturing, was willing to give Don a chance at a new career, but knew that Don would require a lot of training. Since Dolphin has worked with Business Service Representative Devin Gray at the SEMCA Southgate Michigan Works Service Center to set up several successful On The Job Training opportunities, Patrick referred Don to the WIOA program. From there, the process moved quickly.

Don completed the assessment to determine his suitability for the job, and was able to qualify for On the Job Training.

Don is now happily employed at Dolphin as a CNC operator making $13 per hour. He may never have been able to pursue this new career without the On-The-Job Training opportunity offered through the SEMCA Southgate Michigan Works Service Center.