Azat Abbas

  • Employer Success Stories
  • Dislocated Worker

“My life was tough trying to find a stable job after I was laid off in November of 2016.” says Azat Abbas. Azat spent the last three years working as Quality Control for different companies with an unstable income, averaging $11.50 an hour. “Looking for jobs made me exhausted, but at the same time, I could not give up because I needed to work on building my future.”

On November 22, 2016, he visited the Michigan Works! Dearborn Service Center where he was advised to attend a WIOA orientation. After meeting with his case manager, Mariam Chamesseddine, she clarified the process, services and what the program offered. Azat was registered as a Dislocated Worker in December 07, 2016. After his enrollment, Azat was offered different job leads every week, along with other supportive services.

On March 09, 2017, he was enrolled in an On the Job Training program as a Stock Clerk at TUT’s International Export and Import, which offered $12.50/hr. In June of 2017, Azat was offered permanent employment with TUT’s Import and Export. He is still happily employed there.