Lauren Lewis

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When her previous employment ended due to cutbacks, Lauren lived off of her savings

Lauren Lewis began participating with EDSI, a SEMCA Michigan Works! partner, on January 22nd, 2015 when she entered into the 21-day AEP (Application Eligibility Period) prior to enrollment in the PATH program. During her AEP intake meeting with EDSI Career Development Facilitator Patricia Hindman, Lauren discussed her background in Human Resource Management and her desire to find new employment in this field. When her previous employment ended due to cutbacks, Lauren lived off of her savings, hoping to find a new opportunity quickly. She then applied for unemployment benefits, while continuing her job search. As a final step, she applied for cash assistance. Throughout this process, Lauren has wished to be a positive example for her two daughters; she truly wants to impress upon them the rewards of independence and determination.

Lauren’s recent job searching was productive; she shared that she had an interview scheduled, and during the initial AEP meeting, she received a call from another company seeking to schedule an interview with her. The following week, Lauren returned to meet again with Patricia and explained that though she had attended both interviews, she had not yet heard back from either employer. Patricia provided her with a job lead for a Human Resources position with Vibrus Group located in Southfield; Lauren followed up and gained an interview. Within just a few days, she was offered positions with two companies, and after considering each opportunity, Lauren decided to accept the offer from Vibrus Group. She began employment on 2/2/15 as a Human Resources Associate, working 40 hours per week and earning an annual salary of $38,000.

Lauren was very excited to begin her new job, and with her positive attitude and abundance of knowledge in the H.R. arena, we are certain that she will have great success. When asked about her experience through this stressful time in her life, Lauren had this to say: “Accepting the fact that I was an educated and hardworking individual that fell on hard times and needed assistance was a hard adjustment for me. I prided myself on being a self-sufficient individual who was able to provide a sufficient lifestyle for my family. However, when I had to reach out for assistance and help, I felt that I lost value. Nevertheless, I persevered with my determination and help from my Case Manager Patricia Hindman. Patricia was very encouraging and cheered me on in my search for employment. Once I announced that I received employment (within my first 2 weeks in the PATH program), I was welcomed with warm wishes from the EDSI family. Everyone at one point or another needs assistance. However, if you are determined and encouraged, you will be able to reach your goals and accomplish your dreams!”