Everett Carter

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Everett Carter was a young father and husband with a sporadic work history. He had been homeless and burdened with financial and emotional demands resulting from his wife’s diagnosis of non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. Everett had no home, no job, no career, no stable employment history and no medical benefits adequate to provide the needed treatment for his wife’s cancer or to support his young family. His life struggles inspired him to create music that served as a sound track driving him to create a new life for him, his wife and his son. His compositions, “Who Am I?”, “Finding Oneself”, and “Waiting for Change”, tell the story of his journey towards success.

Everett sought out the WIOA Adult Program at the Michigan Works! Wayne Service Center in January, 2016 with a desire to unburden himself of the multiple challenges he faced. A friend had provided him a mobile home to refurbish and live in and that was a start. Unskilled and untrained, he knew a career was necessary to secure stable and sustainable employment. Upon enrollment in the program, he worked closely with a Career Development Facilitator (CDF) to identify barriers, prioritize needs and strategize a way to move forward. Wanting to establish himself in a high-demand field with immediate employment opportunities, Everett decided that acquiring a CDL-A credential would connect him to the elusive career he had been seeking for the financial and emotional security of his family.

Everett was enrolled into training at International Truck Driving School and they worked with his CDF, Chris O’Reilly, to offer daily motivation and support. Everett’s morale was shaken when he was unable to successfully pass his first road test for licensure. However, with supportive services available through the program, he received funds to re-take the exam following additional one-on-one training provided by the school at no additional expense. Everett attained his CDL-A when he re-tested and found that a number of job offers soon followed. He accepted an offer from SYGMA Networking Inc. and is now earning $30 per hour with generous benefits, working a regional route that keeps him close to his family. His wife is now able to receive the medical care and treatment she needs through quality insurance and Everett feels encouraged to look towards the future. Everett offers thanks to his “MichiganWorks! family” and says, “The greatest success for me was that I was finally able to provide for my family and the health of my wife.” His Human Resource Manager at SYGMA, Nicole McLaughlin, explained that she worried at first whether he would stay with them as Everett struggled with family and religious convictions which didn’t support an on-the-road lifestyle. However, it’s now been over 8 months and “SYGMA is looking forward to a long and successful career from Everett.”