James Maxwell

  • Employment Services

When James Maxwell came to the Michigan Works! Southgate Service Center for his REA appointment, he knew he needed to find a job soon.

When James came in to meet with Career Specialist Eileen Penkalski, he had been unemployed for four months. He informed Eileen that he had been proactive in his job search from the first day of his lay off. James had applied to several companies, replying to job postings as a Transportation Safety Instructor/Director, since this is where his skills had been for the last nine years.

His career as a Corporate Safety Director began in 2006, working for B&W Cartage in Taylor, MI. The position was eliminated in December of 2014 due to downsizing. Needless to say, James was very disappointed. He was only out of work for a little over a month when he accepted a positon with GMT Logistics in Wixom as a Safety Director, only to have that position last six months. Eileen could tell he was very uncertain about staying in his current field, although this is where his interest was.

When James came to see Eileen for his second Reemployment and Eligibility Assessment (REA) appointment, he was very excited because he had a phone interview with Boasso Chemical Company. He had applied for the position as Assistant Terminal Manager. Boasso’s human resources representative told him she was very impressed with his background, and that she wanted to set up a face-to-face interview with him and the Terminal Manager.

At James’s third REA meeting, he told Eileen he had met with David Moore (Terminal Manager), and that Mr. Moore was extremely pleased with his work history, and referred to him as already being hired. On his way home from the meeting with Eileen, he received a phone call with the job offer, which he accepted right away.

James started working at Boasso on September 28, 2015. He felt the work he and Eileen did with his resume, along with the job searching techniques she taught him were pivotal in getting his resume noticed. He also shared that the program “made you feel like a human instead of just a number”.