Barbara Barreto

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Barbara Barreto is a resilient, motivated, intelligent, hardworking individual. It’s because of these distinctive traits that she has endured, overcome obstacles and challenges, and has realized the potential that she knew she possessed.

Barb came into our Michigan Works! Wayne Service Center in the winter of 2008 seeking guidance and direction, but, more importantly, a new and fulfilling career. She had always been a hard-worker throughout her life, but as a mature worker only earning minimum wage during the last few years, she knew she wasn’t building a future, nor maximizing her full potential. Events began to move quickly for her. She was assigned a Michigan Works! case manager and was enrolled in Workforce Investment Act. After researching training programs, she recognized there was a high demand for workers in the healthcare industry, and with her background in administrative work, she felt that pursuing a degree in Health Information Technology would be an ideal fit for her.

Entering her first year of school, Barb faced a path fraught with challenges. Not only had it been decades since she last attended community college as a student, but she was also working full-time and dealing with both family and health issues. She was determined, though, and persevered through her struggles daily with optimism and with her sights set upon her career goal. Throughout her semesters at Schoolcraft Community College, Barb was an exceptional student maintaining very high grades until her graduation in December, 2012.

During 2013 she was hired by Trinity Health System in Livonia as a Clinical Coding Specialist making $15 an hour. She works out of her home, which she absolutely loves, and is an asset to the company. According to her co-worker and former school instructor, Tracey Pizzino, “I not only had the pleasure of having Barb as one of my students for Healthcare Statistics at Schoolcraft College, but now I get to work with her as well. Barb is very easy going and has a good outlook on things. Barb strives to be the best person she can be no matter the situation.”

Because of her determination, passion to succeed and accomplishments, Barbara Barreto is proof that age need not be a barrier or a determining factor for anyone focused on achieving their academic or employment goals.