Wayne Hughes

  • Employer Success Stories
  • Dislocated Worker

Life is a highway – a road one travels. Wayne Hughes has traveled that highway. As a former felon, Mr. Hughes meandered through various jobs and training programs with no career compass and no sustainable connection to the workforce. Continually burdened with red flags from his past, he was struggling with no real sense of direction. Mr. Hughes shared that he “needed more than a job” at this point; he needed a trade, a profession or a vocation. He needed something to make him feel complete again.

Fortunately, with a referral from a friend with a similar situation and background, Wayne discovered the Michigan Works! Wayne Service Center and the WIOA program. Through the program, he received compressive/specialized assessment, customized case management and career counseling while accessing a variety of workshops to enhance his job search and employability. With his case manager’s help, Wayne was finally able to plan a road map to a high demand career in truck driving.

Wayne forged ahead with CDL training, utilizing program funds. Additional supportive services funding allowed him to retake his road test after an unsuccessful first attempt. The International Truck Driving School also assisted in providing assistance with skills and competencies. The efforts of both the school, the recruiter, and WIOA staff resulted in a highly desired position with Bluewater Transport. Wayne shared, “I have a new life that seemed unattainable before Michigan Works!” He went from being unemployed to working 40+ hours a week, earning $20 an hour with full benefits! Mr. Hughes’s Supervisor, Paul Payne, attested to the fact that “Wayne is a hard working driver for Bluewater and has done a great job transitioning into his new career.” Congratulations Wayne; it has been an honor helping you achieve success!