Jacob Moore

  • Employer Success Stories

Ms. Theresa Johnson is the owner of the Tim Horton’s Café and Bake Shop in Highland Park where she has made community involvement a top priority since opening her restaurant in the city in 2012. Ms. Johnson is on the board of the Highland Park Business Association and works with several community based organizations including My Sister’s Keeper and the Rhonda Walker Foundation. She works closely with the local Michigan Works Service Center to provide placement assistance to job seekers with barriers and customers in need of part-time employment while they are in training.

Jacob Moore is one of those customers who needed part-time work to support himself while he was enrolled in a year-long training program funded by Michigan Works. Ms. Johnson is actually the person who refered Jacob to Michigan Works for help with career counseling and tuition assistance. Jacob was interested in a career as a high pressure boiler operator and with the assistance of Case Manager, Felecia Grubbs, he started training at the IUOE Local 324 Stationary Engineers in March 2015. He was excited to finally start school but worried about being able to support himself while in training. When Theresa heard that lack of employment might affect Jacob’s ability to complete his training, she stepped up and offered him a job working for her. “I was so proud of him for following through on the opportunity to attend school through Michigan Works, I did not want him to drop out of school because of financial problems. I really was not planning to hire another worker, but I felt that I needed to put my money where my mouth is and continue to support him.”

Jacob is finishing his last semester of school and is grateful to both Ms. Johnson and Michigan Works for the opportunity to purse a career that will allow him to support himself and his family.