David Brewer

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David Brewer Sr., a veteran, came to the Michigan Works! Southgate Service Center seeking assistance in paying for training. He was homeless at the time and had no potential opportunities. David wanted employment and was looking to start a career that would allow him to support himself. He wanted short-term training that would lead to quick employment. David explored the labor market and researched careers and salaries.

David had limited transportation but was very prompt and motivated in pursuing his goal. He wasted no time in completing his required assessments and obtained the highest level score possible on his TABE test. After completing his required assessments, David enrolled in International Truck Driving School. He completed training, and earned a 95% average.

David was hired immediately by C-MAC Transportation in Brownstown Twp. the day after he completed his training, at a wage of $16.00 an hour.

When David was asked what he thought about the WIOA program, he said, “I love this program! If it weren’t for the WIOA program I don’t know where I would be. I have referred many people here, telling them about how great of a program this really is. Three months ago I was living in my car; now I have a career with multiple job offers, all great paying jobs. I can finally say that I feel I have a bright future.” David mentioned he has recently been pursued by two other trucking companies that would like to offer him employment.