Andrea Davis

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After graduating from high school in 2012, Andrea Davis thought she was on the right path to reach her goal of becoming a nurse. She attended Georgia Perimeter College until 2014 and then applied to Georgia State University’s nursing program. It was during this time that Andrea also started working for the United States Postal Service, earning $17 an hour. At first, everything seemed to be perfect. However, while waiting to start nursing school, Andrea found out she was pregnant. Due to the stress she was facing, she decided not to enter the nursing program and moved back to Michigan.

Andrea took a full-time job at a local dispensary making $10 an hour. The pay was less than she had made in Georgia, and she didn’t like the job. In March 2016, Andrea found herself in the Michigan Works! Wayne Service Center looking for help with finding healthcare training and employment to help support her child. Andrea and Warren Wei, her WIOA Youth Career Development Facilitator (CDF) at the time, got right to work discussing her career goals and creating a credential plan that included Andrea starting a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) training program.

Andrea was grateful to find that Michigan Works! covered the $325 cost of her training, provided the required scrubs and shoes, and even issued gas cards to help her get to and from class. Completing the training was not easy, but when asked by CDF Patrice Barden how she was able to get through it she said, “Although there were obstacles, [I just had to] stay focused.” She also said that she wouldn’t have been able to do it if she didn’t have the supportive services provided through the WIOA program at Michigan Works!.

Andrea received her CNA state license in July 2016 and is now employed full-time as a Certified Nursing Assistant with Heartland in Livonia. She received additional scrubs through the WIOA Youth program and has CDF Jeff Tanner in her corner to provide encouragement and additional support as needed. Shannon Snyder, Heartland’s Director, says “Andrea is doing well so far. We enjoy having her here.”

About her new position, Andrea stated that “… $13 per hour is not as much as I made at the Post Office but I’m working in my desired field and I have consistent hours and benefits for my family.” Andrea plans to continue a career in the healthcare field and fulfill her first dream of being a nurse.