Troy Turner

  • Employer Success Stories

Troy Turner reported to PATH program orientation at the MichiganWorks! Wayne Service Center in October, 2016 after completing his Applicant Eligibility Period (AEP). Mr. Turner arrived to PATH a college educated single father of one who was determined to find immediate employment. It so happened that Mr. Turner was unemployed due to his position as a Human Resources Territorial Business Partner at Vertix being eliminated in February 2016. He informed program staff that he had depleted his savings and had no other recourse but to apply for assistance from the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS).

Mr. Turner expressed feeling both disappointment and shame for applying for cash assistance and explained that he felt as if he had hit “rock bottom”. However, he was not about to give up on finding new employment. While in PATH, Mr. Turner received assistance with résumé development and interviewing techniques. He also received job leads and had access to employer hiring events while participating in the program. Mr. Turner was also thankful to receive gas cards to assist him with transportation to job interviews as well as Meijer gift cards for employment-related support.

On November 14, 2016, Mr. Turner started working for DMC Sinai Grace Hospital as a Human Resources Business Consultant earning $72,000 per year – a pay increase in comparison to earnings at his last job. He expressed that he was now able to provide for his child in a way that he was accustomed to doing before the loss of his employment at Vertix.

Nearly three months later, Mr. Turner is still happily employed. He says that his job allows him to work independently with minimum supervision and has provided him with a greater sense of pride. He also gets the opportunity to implement ideas that have been beneficial for the company. Regarding his time spent at MichiganWorks!, he states, “If you apply to all opportunities, eventually you will land on your feet.” The moral of the story is “Don’t give up!”