Rochelle Carrington

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Rochelle Carrington’s job search proves it doesn’t have to take months of filling out applications to get back into the workforce, having walked through the doors of the SEMCA Michigan Works! Southgate American Job Center for the first time in November 2014.

Rochelle didn’t really know what to expect or where to begin. All she knew was, she once had a successful career with Lear Corporation that lasted almost 15 years – until her father became ill and homebound. Rochelle had no choice but to leave her job at Lear Corp as a Machine Operator to become a full time caregiver in her parents’ home.

Like many others with parents that are aging or ill, Rochelle felt obligated to put her career on hold to care for her father. He passed away in August of this year. Rochelle has no regrets about being away from the workforce for so long. She understood that caring for someone who is ill is a full time job in itself.

On the other hand, Rochelle feels she missed out on so much during her time away from work, particularly technology. “When I came into Michigan Works! that day, I was shaking and crying. When (staff member) Keri sat with me and explained the importance of an e-mail account, I felt even more overwhelmed. She reassured me that once the account was created I could come here every day if I needed to and check my messages, since I don’t have access to internet. She then assisted me with creating a resume that day because there was a staffing company there interviewing for BASF. I turned in my resume and had an interview on-the-spot, and then waited for my background and drug-test results. Waiting was the hardest part, and I finally got the call with my training and start date while I was at Michigan Works! It felt like an early Christmas present.” Rochelle recently explained. Rochelle is very excited to get back to work and lights up a room wherever she goes because she truly is happy that she will be off to a good start in 2015.

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