Jeff Barkey

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A few months ago I was at a place in my life where far too many people are: Out of work, having difficulty finding it and out of money. Then I remembered Michigan Works! They began turning things around for me from day one.

I spent over 15 years in drywall (free-lance), I thought it was time to find something stable to change my financial situation. I had no direction and no means of getting training. Michigan Works! had the way. My caseworker, Christina O’Reilly, went to work right away, getting me into the WIA program which allowed me to enroll in Truck Driving training at International Trucking School. No financial burden, as MI Works! assisted with the fuel costs to get there and I was able to earn my CDL-A license.

The Veteran Representative, Calvitta Collins, also helped tremendously by setting me up with the VA hospital to start receiving health & medical benefits that I’d never looked into.

I’m grateful to MI Works!, Christina, Calvitta, and International staff for their help and for how smoothly and quickly they were able to assist me. As a team I couldn’t have asked for better! They put me on the path to a trucking job in a matter of a few months with Falcon Transport in a promising future with an excellent salary.

I have miles of experience to gain and loads of learning ahead but thanks to Michigan Works! I am able to take this trip.

I’ll do my best to make the time you spent on me worthwhile.

–Jeff Barkey