Crisine Kennedy

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Timothy and Crisine Kennedy wanted a career and life together

Timothy and Crisine Kennedy spent three years living in the Philippines before relocating to Monroe, Michigan. They enjoy adventure and spending time together, and they thought a truck driving career would be good fit for their lifestyle. Without children to be home for, Tim and Crisine wanted to take this time to see other states and experience different places before settling down in a permanent location.

Tim and Crisine came to Michigan Works! Monroe Service Center on March 31, 2017 to inquire about training funds through the WIOA program. An eligibility review was completed and it was determined that the Kennedy’s could be registered in the adult program. A training and employment plan was established and Tim and Crisine were referred to meet with Licensed Professional Counselor, Brenda Shopshire, for a career assessment and skills test, which they passed with no problem. With their hearts set on a career in trucking, Tim and Crisine were approved to enroll in a CDL program with the International Trucking School, Inc. in Canton, Michigan. Training began on May 22, 2017 and the Kennedy’s received supportive services to help with gas money to and from training.

On July 3, 2017, Tim and Crisine completed training and received their CDL-A license. At the completion of training, Tim said “I am so grateful that we were given the opportunity to start a new career where we can spend our time together, see the country and make $70,000.00 a year”. Both Tim and Crisine accepted full-time employment with Covenant Transport and are currently earning $28.84 per hour. They are team driving at the present time and according to Crisine, “this opened a door for us to earn and save up money to start a family”. Crisine further said, “Without Michigan Works!, it would have been harder for us to get into the industry and we would probably be in debt because trucking school is not cheap. Michigan Works! helped us a lot to pursue a good future and we are so thankful for that”.