Erika Lackey

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Erika Lackey began participating with the Michigan Works! Livonia PATH office on October 27th, 2015. She entered into the 21-day AEP (Application Eligibility Period) prior to enrollment in the PATH program. Ms. Lackey arrived to the program with a positive attitude and desire to resolve multiple difficulties that were impacting her life. Those difficulties included transportation issues, housing concerns and a lack of child care.

At her initial meeting with a Career Development Facilitator (CDF), Erika articulated her concerns but shared that she was unsure how to address them all. Her CDF provided resource information and discussed plans with her to resolve Erika’s immediate concerns. She developed a weekly plan to achieve her goals, focusing on one step at a time. During her AEP, Erika secured stable housing. She also explored affordable child care through the Great Start for Kids website and utilized PATH supportive service funds to obtain professional interview clothing. In addition, Erika participated in the State’s Driver Responsibility Fee Community Service Program. She reduced her fees and was able to clear her driver’s license!

As she successfully worked through the barriers of her situation, Erika remained diligent in her search for employment. She followed up on every job lead that was provided to her. In December 2015, Erika’s CDF provided her with a job lead for Botsford Hospital via LGC Staffing. She applied to work in the Environmental Services Department. She interviewed with the company and was immediately hired! Erika began working as a full-time employee on January 21, 2016.

She commented on her experience as follows: “When I first attended EDSI I had my own plan, I just didn’t know how I would execute it. I was a little lost but talking to the staff and setting weekly goals was the key aspect in me moving forward. EDSI made those things possible by providing me with the resources and one-on-one interaction. I was able to speak with my CDF, Dawn, weekly about what was hindering me from success. She helped me overcome the obstacles I thought I couldn’t get through! Working closely to create what they call ‘barrier-resolution’ and targeting key aspects I needed to work on for each week. It was the best strategy that I still use to this day with everything I do. I know now that I can’t get everything done at once but I take it one step at a time, making my weekly barrier resolution activities.”

Having overcome her employment barriers and obtained employment with a wage sufficient to sustain her family, Erika could withdraw from receiving cash assistance and exit the PATH program successfully. We are so proud of her successes and determination to reach her goals!