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Adam Detloff is the type of customer a Career Development Facilitator (CDF) dreams about. Adam came to the Michigan Works! Highland Park Youth Program in March of 2015 because he was between jobs and had witnessed one of his friends earn a high school diploma and start a good paying job with the help from our program.

For his part, Adam had graduated from high school but it wasn’t easy. While he struggled in his core classes, there were other classes that Adam truly excelled at. He did well in Automotive Technology, Woodshop, and Welding & Fabrication classes and enjoyed opportunities to work with his hands, taking things apart and putting them back together.

During Intake with Lead CDF, Sonia Acosta, Adam shared that he knew he didn’t want to attend a traditional college to earn his degree and was interested in investigating alternative career paths. When Sonia mentioned Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) as a possibility, Adam grew excited. His eyes lit up and he expressed his curiosity to learn more about such an opportunity. Sonia and Adam continued career explanation services and it wasn’t long before Sonia arranged a tour at the Detroit Training Institute of Technology. Adam’s excitement toward HVAC training continued. He was afforded the opportunity to enroll in classes with the help of funding made available to him through the WIOA Youth Program. Adam completed his schooling eventually scoring at the top of his class! Adam told Sonia how good that felt, “I never believed I could be the star student in school.”

Adam received his HVAC certifications in October, 2015 – just six months after walking into the Michigan Works! Highland Park Service Center. More recently, Adam was hired by Best Drive LLC to remove, change, and repair semi-truck tires. His manager, Dwight Sutherland, says, “I quickly found out Adam had more talent working on the heating and cooling system (that was on the fritz) than the truck tires waiting to be replaced. He has saved the company money by being able to fix our own system.” As a result, Adam is now Best Drive’s new Maintenance Technician!