Wanda Robinson

  • Employer Success Stories

The WIOA Youth Program at the Michigan Works! Highland Park Service Center has had incredible success in partnering with Total One Resources. Total One Resources is a non-profit organization which specializes in providing wrap-around services including mental health counseling, respite care, in-home health care, and health services coordination. For the past two years, program staff have placed participants in Paid Work Experiences (PWEs) as Community Liaisons at the organization. There have been three participants placed this year alone and one has even been hired part-time after completing his PWE.

The partnership with Michigan Works! provided Total One Resources access to talent that was both easy to train and invested in their own personal growth. Wanda Robinson, Office Supervisor, appreciates some of the other services that the WIOA Youth program provides its participants beyond job placement opportunities saying, “MichiganWorks! helps the youth in ways we cannot as the employer, such as helping them with work clothing and other support.”

Total One Resources President and CEO, Vanessa Hilts, expressed that Michigan Works! has provided her the opportunity to find and groom great candidates for employment, and to give back. She prefers that young adults be referred directly from Michigan Works! and finds joy in being able to see the growth of the participants sent to her organization as they become productive employees. Ms. Hilts feels she has a personal mission to remind the young people that, “they can do anything they put their mind to.” The length of the PWE was able to help the staff at Total One Resources solve a problem that they had previously experienced when bringing on new employees in that they are now able to groom candidates to learn soft skills that fit their company culture, before making a commitment to hire.

The MichiganWorks! team in Highland Park is grateful to be working with such a great organization that understands the needs of our young adult participants and wants to help them be successful.