SEMCA Jobs for Michigan’s Graduates Staff Recognized


Jobs for Michigan’s Graduates (JMG) is the state-based affiliate of the national organization, Jobs for America’s Graduates (JAG). SEMCA provides JMG programming at 11 different sites and works collaboratively with businesses, education and community partners to increase postsecondary access, employment opportunities, and career pathways knowledge to provide our youth with the skills to succeed. We’d like to acknowledge our entire SEMCA JMG Team for serving, inspiring and empowering 457 youth to pursue their education and career goals and we give special recognition to the following team members for their achievement of JAG and JMG recognitions.

JAG National 5-of-5 Award

This is the most prestigious programming award given to JAG affiliate programs. Recipients of the JAG “5-of-5” award have met or surpassed all of JAG’s five rigorous performance metrics  We congratulate JMG Leaders, Jeff Tanner, Carlos Carter, and Adrian (Ann) Baker for their commitment and dedication to ensure young people are prepared to succeed in education and employment!

  • Jeff Tanner is the Youth Program Manager at Employment & Training Designs, Inc. (ETDI) for the Wayne and Highland Park offices. Jeff serves as the JMG Specialist for the Out-of-School program at the Wayne office.  

  • Carlos Carter is a Youth Career Development Facilitator at Downriver Community Conference (DCC) in Southgate and serves as a JMG Specialist for the Out-of-School program.

  • Adrian (Ann) Baker is a Youth Career Development Facilitator at Downriver Community Conference (DCC) in Southgate and serves as a JMG Specialist for the Out-of-School program.

JAG National COVID-19 Above and Beyond Award

This award was given to JMG Specialists across the country who, despite the challenges COVId-19 brought, continued to encourage, motivate and positively impact the lives of their students. Stacey Brown-Smith at River Rouge High School was the only Michigan program to receive the award. Stacey is the JMG Specialist for the In-School model program.

Stacey is an amazing JMG leader who is always there when her students need her. When the schools closed due to Covid-19 and RRHS moved to a virtual system to continue the school year, Stacey often worked past 10:00 p.m. working with students to make sure she catches them when they are online so that she can make sure they complete all of their required assignments to graduate.

JMG Living our Values Recognition

Each year, members of the JMG Network are recognized for embodying the JMG organizational values in their everyday work lives: Collaboration, Leadership, Excellence, and Solutions-Focused. 

Tiffany Banks for Living the Value of Collaboration. Tiffany Banks is the JMG Specialist for the In-School program at Ecorse High School.

Tiffany is our newest JMG leader and spent approximately 2 weeks in the classroom prior to the school closing due to Covid-19. Tiffany took full advantage of the JMG collaborative opportunities to virtually attend trainings, Google Hangouts, and Zoom meetings to share resources and learn from statewide and national JAG best practices to benefit her students.

Amanda Althouse for Living the Value of Excellence. Amanda Althouse is the JMG Specialist for the In-School program at Orchard Center High School in Monroe.

After schools were closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, in addition to teaching virtually and assisting students with meeting graduation requirements, Amanda helped by distributing meals to the students at OCHS.  Amanda is a JMG leaders who is always showing her students they matter and teaching others to give their best.

Thank You

This year has been anything but normal. Passion, commitment and professionalism are pervasive qualities of the JMG program. Please accept our deep gratitude to every member of the SEMCA JMG team for their hard work and sacrifice in service to our youth, and an extra thanks and congratulations to Jeff, Carlos, Adriana, Stacey, Tiffany and Amanda.

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