SEMCA Michigan Works! American Job Centers operate adult programs on a year-round basis. The funds allocated to the MWAs for the adult program must be used to support core, intensive, and training services.

Basic Career Services: Basic career services are available to all dislocated workers and may include: Program information and basic assessment, general information, individual job development, advanced job club, advanced screened referrals, group activities, job search.

Individualized Career Services: Individualized career services are designed for dislocated workers who have been unable to obtain employment through core services and have been determined to be in need of more individualized services. Individualized career services may include: Comprehensive specialized assessment, individual employment planning, counseling, short-term pre-vocational skills, case management, literacy activity, out of area job search, relocation assistance, internship, and work experience.

Training Services: Occupational skills training, On-the-Job training, workplace training with related instruction, registered apprenticeship, incumbent worker training, pre-apprenticeship training, skill upgrading and retraining, entrepreneurial training, transitional jobs, adult education and literacy training provided in combination with any other training services.
To be eligible for participation in the WIOA Adult program an individual must be 18 years of age or older, a U.S. citizen or eligible non-citizen and registered with Selective Service (if applicable) to receive services under the adult program, with priority given to: recipients of public assistance, other low-income individuals and individuals who are basic skills deficient. Career services (basic and individualized) under the adult program are available to adults who are employed or unemployed, and are unable to obtain employment or retain employment that leads to self-sufficiency. Training services may be made available to employed or unemployed adults who have met the eligibility criteria under training services and have been determined to be unable to obtain or retain employment through career services.