General Expungement Process*

  • Complete SEMCA Clean Slate Application to determine residency eligibility
  • Create a Pure Michigan Talent Connect account. If you have had one in the past, you will have to log in and update it so it can become ACTIVE
  • Unofficial criminal history is ran through Michigan State Police (MSP) via ICHAT
  • ICHAT results reviewed to determine conviction eligibility
  • If eligible, request certified records from all courts (4-6 weeks)
  • Once all certified records are in, applicant to be fingerprinted
  • After fingerprints, applicant will meet with a Clean Slate team member to collect fingerprints and sign court applications
  • Fingerprints are sent to MSP for an official criminal history check (3-4 months)
  • Once criminal history check and supporting brief from the Attorney General is received, a hearing can be scheduled
  • Judge will rule on expungement cases in each court of conviction
  • If granted, an order will be sent to necessary parties and convictions will be removed from your public record

*6-9 months from application date


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