Clean Slate FAQs

I am interested in SEMCA’s Clean Slate Program. How do I apply?

I live in Wayne County (or Monroe County), but my convictions occurred in Oakland County. Do I still qualify for the program?

SEMCA’s Clean Slate Program is residency based. If you live in Wayne County (excluding the City of Detroit) or Monroe County, you will be eligible regardless of where your convictions occurred if they were in the State of Michigan.

How long does the process typically take?

This is not a fast process. There are many different agencies that must do their part before your case will go before a judge. The process realistically could take up to six (6) or more months to complete.

How do I know if I have too many convictions?

The law allows up to three felonies and an unlimited number of misdemeanors to be expunged. Once you complete and submit the Clean Slate Application, our staff will review your conviction record and inform you if you are eligible. There are certain restrictions on the kinds of offenses that can be expunged.

How much do I have to pay to be in the program?*

The program provides legal services free of cost. The only cost the applicant must pay is for fingerprinting.

*Some out-of-pocket expenses related to travel, childcare, etc. to attend a court appearance may be the responsibility of the applicant. Supportive services are available to those who are eligible.

I’m unable to get a CPL (Concealed Pistol License) due to a prior conviction. Will this help me obtain one?

The Clean Slate Program was not developed to help obtain a CPL. Its primary purpose is to better a person’s life as a whole and help decrease employment and financial barriers for those that qualify statutorily.  If you feel you have been wrongly denied for a CPL application, you must follow their appeals process.

I was told that my arrest or conviction would be “non-public” or “not visible”. Why is it coming up after my fingerprint check?

All law enforcement agencies, courts, Michigan Department of Corrections (MDOC), and some federal agencies have knowledge of all arrests and convictions made.  This national database is called LEIN – Law Enforcement Intelligence Network – and keeps a nonpublic record.

I have a suspended or revoked license. Will this help me get my license back?

The Clean Slate Program does not give back a person’s driving rights. Please contact the Secretary of State for that process.


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