Your Talent Development Liaison

The Business Solutions Professionals (BSP) team serves as the primary liaison between the agency and employers providing a broad spectrum of employer needs related to business development and talent. Our Certified Business Solutions Professionals in Monroe County and out-Wayne County work closely with economic development and educational entities in the community to coordinate services, provide information, and act as a liaison between employers and Michigan Works! American Job Centers. The services available are robust, comprehensive, customizable, and fall into the following general categories:


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  • Talent Recruitment
  • Candidate Pre-Screening Services
  • Workforce Assessments
  • Training Support
  • Hiring Incentives
  • Business Attraction, Development, and Retention
  • Layoff Support and Early Warning Systems
  • Networks

Other resources are available such as:

  • Labor Market Data
  • Soft Skills Training
  • Skilled Needs Assessment

Working For You

Put SEMCA Michigan Works! to work for you by contacting Jennifer Tucker, SEMCA Workforce Business Liaison.