Developing A Workforce To Meet Employers’ Needs

SEMCA Michigan Works! recognizes that the best way to help individuals obtain employment is to partner with employers. By understanding and meeting the talent and skills needs of employers we are better able to connect workers to actual job openings. You will be assigned a Business Solutions Professional (BSP) to work closely with your company to understand and meet your specific business needs.

Our customer is our first priority. We offer a variety of no-cost resources including funding that support a business’s need for hiring and training. Programs can be used individually or braided together to increase the competitiveness for the employer and their staff. SEMCA Michigan Works! can provide specialized talent services, included:

  • Talent Recruitment
  • Job postings on Pure Michigan Talent Connect
  • Pre-screening of all applicants
  • Real Time labor market data and wage information
  • Hosting job fairs and hiring events
  • Customized training and other opportunities with area colleges
  • Strategies and techniques used to manage turnover
  • Connection to Veterans’ referral specialists and other special populations
  • Information on available Tax Credits
  • Career coaching and case management
  • Free Fidelity Bonding

Talent Recruitment

SEMCA Michigan Works! utilizes the latest in web-based technology, including but not limited to Pure Michigan Talent Connect and social media coupled with outreach strategies to community colleges, universities, veterans, and a host of other professional organizations, we are able to identify the very best talent for your hiring needs. Based on your open position description(s), we will provide pre-screening and skills assessments, sending you only the most qualified candidates for your final assessment and approval.

sEmca Michigan works! service area

DOWNLOAD our quick guide for locating an American Job Center near you and a resource to contact a Business Service Professional for your area.

The SEMCA Network

SEMCA Michigan Works! collaborates with a host of key partners to ensure we meet all of our customers’ business needs. Our network enhances our ability to understand the importance of working in a demand-driven industry.  

Demand Driven Model

SEMCA Michigan Works! understands that partnerships are key to building a successful Michigan Economy. Utilizing a demand-driven model, we are able to address workforce development needs efficiently and effectively.