Find the Right Talent.

Our staff and Workforce Development Board are actively analyzing labor market information to assess the ever-changing economic landscape. We are working hand-in-hand with companies to identify the wokforce needs, skills gaps, and other services needed by local businesses.

Our Business Services address a broad spectrum of employer needs related to talent development. We work hand-in-hand with partner organizations to bring other resources into the mix, to assist employers in finding the talent they need or to upgrade the skills of their existing workforce.

All of SEMCA Michigan Works! services are provided to your company free of charge. Call 800.285.9675 or find a SEMCA American Job Center near you to learn more. 

SEMCA Michigan works! service area

DOWNLOAD our guide for locating an American Job Center near you and a resource to contact a Business Service Professional for your area.

Working For You

Put SEMCA Michigan Works! to work for you by contacting Jennifer Tucker, SEMCA Workforce Business Liaison.