Tyler Dwyer and D.W.G. Plumbing and Excavating Receive 2021 Michigan Works! Association Impact Award.


Local lawmakers and statewide talent development officials gathered virtually on March 31 to recognize Westland resident Tyler Dwyer, as well as D.W.G. Plumbing and Excavating, and SEMCA Michigan Works!.

After four years of service, Tyler Dwyer received an honorable discharge from the United States Marine Corps and then decided to almost immediately re-enlist. However, it was during his second enlistment that Tyler ran into difficulties and was discharged for bad conduct.

D.W.G. Plumbing and Excavating gave Dwyer an opportunity to turn things around. Having been in business in Southeast Michigan for over 30 years, owner Dan Griffin is always looking to hire veterans like Dwyer whenever possible. It was Griffin and D.W.G. Plumbing and Excavating that gave Dwyer a life-changing opportunity.

Growth comes from overcoming adversity and mistakes, not by simply avoiding blunders.
Dan Griffin
Owner, D.W.G. Plumbing & Excavating

After SEMCA Michigan Works! identified Dwyer for the opportunity through the WIOA Adult program, DWG Plumbing and Excavating was given the opportunity to utilize On-the-Job Training funds to save money through the reimbursement of wages during Dwyer’s training period.

“Michigan Works! was instrumental in helping me secure the job,” said Dwyer. “They checked on me on a regular basis, both verbally and in person, to see if I had any issues they could help with.  They incorporated the On-the-Job Training contract to assist the employer in my initial hiring and training.”

Within a little over a year, DWG Plumbing and Excavating took in a high-risk individual who has positioned himself well ahead of his peers.  Dwyer’s perseverance to overcome personal problems led him to become a volunteer and a mentor to many. Because of his eagerness to succeed, Dwyer is on the fast track to earning his Journeyman’s card.

“The assistance Tyler received from SEMCA Michigan Works! helped him overcome significant barriers to earn a second chance,” said state Sen. Erika Geiss (D-Taylor). “On-the-Job Training is a great tool to provide individuals with the opportunity to prove themselves and earn a full-time career position.”

The Impact Awards hosted by Michigan Works! Association recognizes the economic development success being achieved in communities across Michigan. During the event, local lawmakers present tributes to dozens of honorees from across the state.

“The dedication that SEMCA has to ensure our region’s residents get the services and assistance they need is integral to making our community successful,” said state Rep. Kevin Coleman (D-Westland). “Tyler’s success story is just one of many that happen every day thanks to Michigan Works!. Congratulations to everyone receiving this prestigious award!”

The Michigan Works! Association is a non-profit membership organization that provides services and support to Michigan’s talent eco-system. For over 30 years, the Association has been the go-to resource for federal, state and local workforce initiatives.

Find the nearest SEMCA Michigan Works! American Job Center or call 800.285-WORKS to learn how SEMCA can assist with your career search.

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